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The real estate market in 2021 has been like nothing we have seen before. What does 2022 has in store for us? 

Expect slower housing price appreciation, easing inflation and rising interest rates in 2022 - according to NAR (National Association of Realtors). 

"Overall, survey participants believe we'll see the housing market and broader economy normalize next year," Yun said. "Though forecasted to rise 4%, inflation will decelerate after hefty gains in 2021, while home price increases are also expected to ease with an annual appreciation of less than 6%. Slowing price growth will partly be the consequence of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve."

The NAR expects 30-year fixed mortgage rates to end 2022 at 3.7%, up from a recent 3.2%,…

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Technology, both in the home and in our day to day lives is moving fast.  Buyers are looking for more and more “Smart” options in a home ie. Doorbell, thermostat, lighting, blinds, to mention a few.  As this fast growing segment advances we have to be mindful that we may be monitored via video feed or audio.  One basic example is the Ring Doorbell, which has capture some interesting events both concerning and extremely funny like falling over in the ice – sorry not sorry for finding that hilarious!


So how do these audio and video devices affect a real estate transaction? Certain circumstances in Florida Law, a person who uses a concealed recording device to capture private communication can be guilty of a misdemeanor and/or a felony. The…

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I am often asked about flipping properties, and if the time is right. Here is a video to help you get started. Please remember that I can answer any real estate questions you have, whether buying, selling, or flipping!  

• Buying a property to rent out is less risky than flipping. You have tenants in place paying you monthly. This will cover the mortgage and leave you a little cash each month to take to the bank. The properties you buy will most likely only need cosmetic items like fresh paint and new flooring.
• Flipping homes may require you to make monthly payments to an investor while also paying for services, materials, selling costs, tax, commissions, etc. You are most likely to buy a house that's distressed and in need of more than just…

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I am happy to say that I've been very busy, and as expected, 2018 is off to a robust start.    Below is an overview of the December 2017 market report. Due to buyers who wrap up major purchases by year end, and sellers who wait until after the new year to list properties, December is a month like no other as far as inventory. If we were to compare the numbers to last month as opposed to last year, you would see that closings significantly increase, and that there are fewer new listings. Compared to last year, December numbers look good, and you will see the inventory become more balanced as we move into 2018.   Fortunately, distressed sales are at their lowest since 2005, and condo sales by volume are increasing, both of these…
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Below is a guide that provides clarity in regard to the new tax reform laws compared to the old laws. I hope you find it helpful, and remember, you can contact me with real estate questions, even if you are not buying or selling at this time. If you prefer to save it as a letter-sized PDF copy, click here. 

Provisions of Interest to Real Estate Professionals

New Tax Reform 2018

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For years, home sellers have been advised not to list their homes over the holidays, but I've learned that if people are buying during this time, they are serious and looking to start their new adventure with the New Year. When visiting homes in the area with the colorful lights, twinkling trees, and stockings hung in a row, one can't help feeling the warmth of a holiday embrace. Even if you don't break into Jingle Bells, or don a Santa hat, the emotions tied to the holidays always feels like home and buyers can envisage their family enjoying Christmas right there in your living room. Listed below are a few more reasons why you should contact me now if you are considering selling your home:

  1. Buyers have more time to look during the Holiday Season.
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As you drive around Sarasota, you can't help but notice the amount of new construction in the area.  Even the former site of the Quay is benefiting from the new "Sarasota look". 

The Scoop

The Sarasota Bayfront 20:20 project downtown encompasses the former site of the Quay which has been purchased by GreenPointe Holdings LLC and 42 acres of the Boulevard of the Arts to Payne Terminal surrounding the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall and the G.WIZ building which currently stands empty. The initiative is called 20:20 for a couple of reasons; it is hoped that by the year 2020 Sarasota could see significant results and it will take focused 20:20 clear vision to see this through. For more information on the project click here

The Mark - 1400 State…

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