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I am often asked about flipping properties, and if the time is right. Here is a video to help you get started. Please remember that I can answer any real estate questions you have, whether buying, selling, or flipping!  

• Buying a property to rent out is less risky than flipping. You have tenants in place paying you monthly. This will cover the mortgage and leave you a little cash each month to take to the bank. The properties you buy will most likely only need cosmetic items like fresh paint and new flooring.
• Flipping homes may require you to make monthly payments to an investor while also paying for services, materials, selling costs, tax, commissions, etc. You are most likely to buy a house that's distressed and in need of more than just…

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I am happy to say that I've been very busy, and as expected, 2018 is off to a robust start.    Below is an overview of the December 2017 market report. Due to buyers who wrap up major purchases by year end, and sellers who wait until after the new year to list properties, December is a month like no other as far as inventory. If we were to compare the numbers to last month as opposed to last year, you would see that closings significantly increase, and that there are fewer new listings. Compared to last year, December numbers look good, and you will see the inventory become more balanced as we move into 2018.   Fortunately, distressed sales are at their lowest since 2005, and condo sales by volume are increasing, both of these…
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Below is a guide that provides clarity in regard to the new tax reform laws compared to the old laws. I hope you find it helpful, and remember, you can contact me with real estate questions, even if you are not buying or selling at this time. If you prefer to save it as a letter-sized PDF copy, click here. 

Provisions of Interest to Real Estate Professionals

New Tax Reform 2018

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Sarasota is well known for “design” during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Properties designed by architects like Paul Rudolph and Tim Seibert are sort after homes.  Another prestigious pioneer in Sarasota was Ruth Richmond, she was one of the first females in Florida to obtain a GC license which got her attention from many, including the first lady Jackie Kennedy at the White House.  Ruth was most well known for her sensational doorknobs! There were circular in shape and classic examples of the 1960s elegance.  Some are milky, with bubbly inclusions, others are solid all the way through.  These can often be found on eBay, but be ready to write a large check!  Normally sell for $100 upwards for a pair in mint condition.

Originally from Brooklyn New York,…

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