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I am happy to say that I've been very busy, and as expected, 2018 is off to a robust start.    Below is an overview of the December 2017 market report. Due to buyers who wrap up major purchases by year end, and sellers who wait until after the new year to list properties, December is a month like no other as far as inventory. If we were to compare the numbers to last month as opposed to last year, you would see that closings significantly increase, and that there are fewer new listings. Compared to last year, December numbers look good, and you will see the inventory become more balanced as we move into 2018.   Fortunately, distressed sales are at their lowest since 2005, and condo sales by volume are increasing, both of these…
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Below is a guide that provides clarity in regard to the new tax reform laws compared to the old laws. I hope you find it helpful, and remember, you can contact me with real estate questions, even if you are not buying or selling at this time. If you prefer to save it as a letter-sized PDF copy, click here. 

Provisions of Interest to Real Estate Professionals

New Tax Reform 2018

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Once you hear my English accent, you will know why I get so many questions about my background. I have put together the most frequently asked questions and my answers. Though a piece of my heart will always be in London, my home and my life is here in Sarasota. Through all my travels, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

When did you move to the United States?
In July 2005, I moved here with my husband and two children. Daniel was 6 years old and Elizabeth was just 18 months at the time.

Why America?
As a child, my family would visit Florida once or twice a year. Our time was split between Orlando and Longboat Key. Even after I moved out of my parent’s home, I still would visit America as often as I could.

Why Florida?
I think the obvious answer is…

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