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The housing market report for February shows a continued rise in sales in both Counties over last year. With ongoing low levels of inventory, the median prices have increased in both single family homes and condos, with a small decrease for Sarasota condos. The number of closed sales, pending sales, and new listings show a strong and steady growth, and remains the forecast for our local real estate market.    Compared to last month, the number of new listings is down by 10 percent, but this is expected as January's numbers are typically high, kicking off the beginning of the season. The condo market is enjoying center stage with median price percentage increases hitting double digits! So why are condos experiencing rock star status? Maybe due to the…
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Home InspectionTogether we've found your ideal home, in the ideal neighborhood, and your offer has been accepted. You are thrilled, and I am happy for you. However, the real celebration should wait until all the contingencies have been met and you are clear to close. 

There are times when I have to dash the hopes of the potential buyer, to even advise them against moving forward due to inspection failures. As painful as this is, it is for the best for my customers, something that is my compass for all my business dealings.  

Home inspections are critical when buying a home, they eliminate the costly surprises. The repair limit stated in the contract will most likely cover the repairs the inspector highlights, however, on occasion the repairs can exceed the repair

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Flood Insurance   Living the beach life is healthy, beautiful, and offers peace of mind - especially in the winter when you can relax at the beach and remind yourself that you no longer have to bundle up or shovel snow.    I hear from northerners that they don't know if they can "weather" the hurricane season. Like anything else, being prepared is the key to not only reducing worry, but protecting yourself and your property. Essential to what I bring to the home buying process is an understanding of flood insurance regulations, how to navigate the paperwork, lenders' requirements, and information about types of coverage and what it means to you as the future homeowner.    According to FEMA, floods are the most common natural disasters across the United…
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A look at 2017:

The 2017 Year End Market Report is in and the numbers show a continued and steady growth for Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Sales of single family homes increased just 1%, but condo sales were up by almost 7%. Foreclosures and short-sales decreased by an amazing 40% which contributes to overall economic and housing market strength.

Median single family home sales prices rose more than 7%, however, properties spent more time on the market than the previous year. Inventory remained low but all signs point toward a busy season. When we look at 2018 January numbers, we can see that the trend continues at a steady and reassuring rate.

A look at January 2018:

The 2018 January market report further strengthens the predictions of a

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So often I am asked about the Dophin Tower Condominiums on Gulfstream Avenue in downtown Sarasota. Having undergone emergency structural repairs, the project was named a finalist by the Post-Tensioning Institute's Project of the Year Award for Excellence. In other words, the building is structurally sound. In fact, the projects jury comments included, "What they did here was just spectacular."

The building has 15 stories, the first three floors for parking, the rest are residential condos. In 2010, a fourth-floor resident noticed cracks in the walls and floors inside their unit. This resulted in the need for emergency structural restoration and the evacuation of 117 units. A basic nightmare for all involved.

In an effort to identify the cause of the

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I am often asked about flipping properties, and if the time is right. Here is a video to help you get started. Please remember that I can answer any real estate questions you have, whether buying, selling, or flipping!  

• Buying a property to rent out is less risky than flipping. You have tenants in place paying you monthly. This will cover the mortgage and leave you a little cash each month to take to the bank. The properties you buy will most likely only need cosmetic items like fresh paint and new flooring.
• Flipping homes may require you to make monthly payments to an investor while also paying for services, materials, selling costs, tax, commissions, etc. You are most likely to buy a house that's distressed and in need of more than just

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I am happy to say that I've been very busy, and as expected, 2018 is off to a robust start.    Below is an overview of the December 2017 market report. Due to buyers who wrap up major purchases by year end, and sellers who wait until after the new year to list properties, December is a month like no other as far as inventory. If we were to compare the numbers to last month as opposed to last year, you would see that closings significantly increase, and that there are fewer new listings. Compared to last year, December numbers look good, and you will see the inventory become more balanced as we move into 2018.   Fortunately, distressed sales are at their lowest since 2005, and condo sales by volume are increasing, both of these…
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Below is a guide that provides clarity in regard to the new tax reform laws compared to the old laws. I hope you find it helpful, and remember, you can contact me with real estate questions, even if you are not buying or selling at this time. If you prefer to save it as a letter-sized PDF copy, click here. 

Provisions of Interest to Real Estate Professionals

New Tax Reform 2018

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Once you hear my English accent, you will know why I get so many questions about my background. I have put together the most frequently asked questions and my answers. Though a piece of my heart will always be in London, my home and my life is here in Sarasota. Through all my travels, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

When did you move to the United States?
In July 2005, I moved here with my husband and two children. Daniel was 6 years old and Elizabeth was just 18 months at the time.

Why America?
As a child, my family would visit Florida once or twice a year. Our time was split between Orlando and Longboat Key. Even after I moved out of my parent’s home, I still would visit America as often as I could.

Why Florida?
I think the obvious answer is

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For years, home sellers have been advised not to list their homes over the holidays, but I've learned that if people are buying during this time, they are serious and looking to start their new adventure with the New Year. When visiting homes in the area with the colorful lights, twinkling trees, and stockings hung in a row, one can't help feeling the warmth of a holiday embrace. Even if you don't break into Jingle Bells, or don a Santa hat, the emotions tied to the holidays always feels like home and buyers can envisage their family enjoying Christmas right there in your living room. Listed below are a few more reasons why you should contact me now if you are considering selling your home:

  1. Buyers have more time to look during the Holiday Season.
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