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Sterling reached a high for 2020 against the euro as concerns grow over the Eurozone economy, fueled by the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus.

Poor German ZEW economic sentiment survey reflected a growing lack of faith in the Eurozone economy, particularly in Germany with its reliance on trade with China, while the UK enjoyed a commanding boost from positive employment figures and a rise in inflation to 1.8%. This inflation data was closer to the Bank of England’s target of 2.0% and beat the forecast of 1.6%. As a result, investor faith continued to abandon the euro and flock to the pound, which remains unscathed by the impact of the coronavirus on the currency markets. 

“Do not let us speak of darker days; let us speak rather of sterner days. These

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Technology, both in the home and in our day to day lives is moving fast.  Buyers are looking for more and more “Smart” options in a home ie. Doorbell, thermostat, lighting, blinds, to mention a few.  As this fast growing segment advances we have to be mindful that we may be monitored via video feed or audio.  One basic example is the Ring Doorbell, which has capture some interesting events both concerning and extremely funny like falling over in the ice – sorry not sorry for finding that hilarious!


So how do these audio and video devices affect a real estate transaction? Certain circumstances in Florida Law, a person who uses a concealed recording device to capture private communication can be guilty of a misdemeanor and/or a felony. The

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Jane ~ Hi Everyone, thank you for joining the show. Today we are here to discuss buying and selling investment properties with Jo Ann Koontz of Koontz & Associates is kind enough to come along and help us.  Jo Ann, welcome to the show.  We are looking forward to hearing what you are going to bring to the table today, with regard to advice on Do's and Don'ts.

So before we get going, do you want to tell us a little bit about what you have to offer and what Koontz & Asscotates has to offer to the client out there looking to invest?

Jo Ann ~ Sure, what we offer essentially a one firm kinda mentality. We have a law firm and a CPA under one roof, operating together to offer holistic advice from legal to tax, real estate to business, the

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  Lets all raise a glass to all us Mom's out there that completed another successful summer break! And managed to get our children back to school on the right day, wearing the right clothes - phew!!   Red Tide has been prominent in the news recently. Although it's been severe this year, the State is actively dealing with the situation and our beaches are returning to their pristine conditions.  For more information, Michael Saunders Blog explains the causes of Red Tide and what the County and State are doing about it.   The market to date is amazing!!  Typically, July is quiet and you will see some decrease in activity in the stats below.  However, personally, I am actively working with buyers who can't find the perfect…
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Today I met with Megan Kendrick from MSC Mortgage to discuss the changes in the mortgage industry over the past 10 years.  Megan has extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and local information. 

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The housing market report for February shows a continued rise in sales in both Counties over last year. With ongoing low levels of inventory, the median prices have increased in both single family homes and condos, with a small decrease for Sarasota condos. The number of closed sales, pending sales, and new listings show a strong and steady growth, and remains the forecast for our local real estate market.    Compared to last month, the number of new listings is down by 10 percent, but this is expected as January's numbers are typically high, kicking off the beginning of the season. The condo market is enjoying center stage with median price percentage increases hitting double digits! So why are condos experiencing rock star status? Maybe due to the…
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Home InspectionTogether we've found your ideal home, in the ideal neighborhood, and your offer has been accepted. You are thrilled, and I am happy for you. However, the real celebration should wait until all the contingencies have been met and you are clear to close. 

There are times when I have to dash the hopes of the potential buyer, to even advise them against moving forward due to inspection failures. As painful as this is, it is for the best for my customers, something that is my compass for all my business dealings.  

Home inspections are critical when buying a home, they eliminate the costly surprises. The repair limit stated in the contract will most likely cover the repairs the inspector highlights, however, on occasion the repairs can exceed the repair

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Flood Insurance   Living the beach life is healthy, beautiful, and offers peace of mind - especially in the winter when you can relax at the beach and remind yourself that you no longer have to bundle up or shovel snow.    I hear from northerners that they don't know if they can "weather" the hurricane season. Like anything else, being prepared is the key to not only reducing worry, but protecting yourself and your property. Essential to what I bring to the home buying process is an understanding of flood insurance regulations, how to navigate the paperwork, lenders' requirements, and information about types of coverage and what it means to you as the future homeowner.    According to FEMA, floods are the most common natural disasters across the United…
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A look at 2017:

The 2017 Year End Market Report is in and the numbers show a continued and steady growth for Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Sales of single family homes increased just 1%, but condo sales were up by almost 7%. Foreclosures and short-sales decreased by an amazing 40% which contributes to overall economic and housing market strength.

Median single family home sales prices rose more than 7%, however, properties spent more time on the market than the previous year. Inventory remained low but all signs point toward a busy season. When we look at 2018 January numbers, we can see that the trend continues at a steady and reassuring rate.

A look at January 2018:

The 2018 January market report further strengthens the predictions of a

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